Corzine’s Bedfellows – Rob Andrews spends campign money illegally

Rob Andrews is a big supporter of Jon Corzine’s politics.

“Congressman Andrews has an exceptional understanding of public policy and I’m proud to have him join the growing list of public and private sector leaders who believe that paying down half of our state debt and funding transportation projects for a generation is vital to our state’s fiscal future,” said Governor Corzine. “This proposal presents an opportunity to secure our financial future, pay off half of the state’s bonded debt, secure transportation funding for a generation and implement spending restrictions to ensure that we never find ourselves in this position again.”

“Governor Corzine has presented a well thought out plan to bring New Jersey back from the edge of fiscal ruin,” Congressman Andrews said. “While aspects of this plan may not be perceived as easy medicine, solutions that are difficult to take today will be impossible tomorrow.”

They seem to be perfect together. Too bad Andrews has the ethics of a slug. He was caught using campaign contributions illegally to purchase clothes. Unfortunately Obama’s kinder, gentler Federal Election Commission is as toothless as New Jersey’s. They decided to refuse to pursue charges of illegal use of campaign funds because the amount was “too little”.

So basically they are saying, Rob Andrews is dishonest, but not “too dishonest” and should not be penalized. Not even a public  censure. Rob Andrews gets away Scott Free so that he can be not too dishonest with the money of New Jersey taxpayers.


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