Corzine shows his crooked colors posted this photo op of Jon Corzine with several questionable characters. They were unveiling PATH train cars that have been in operation for quite a while now. It is sad that Corzine’s record of accomplishments is so meager he has to use old news to make headlines.

In the photo he is hanging out with Frank Lautenberg, the senator that made “liberal” a dirty word. Lautenberg’s position on illegal immigration is to simply allow illegals to get away with breaking the laws, and to do away with all enforcement of current laws. Lautenberg is the senator that wants to make all law-abiding gun owners into criminals while adamantly refusing to tighten up enforcement and prosecution of real criminals committing crimes with illegal weapons. Corzine has walked lock-step with Lautenberg’s failed policies.

Robert Menendez is as crooked as they come, even in New Jersey. Organized labor chief Billy Mullen stated as fact that Menedez has “been in the gutter , he’s rolled around down there his whole life . . .” That’s what I like to hear about a senator, that he works deals in a manner that makes Tony Soprano look like a choir boy.

Ruben Ramos is an assemblyman and a double-dipper. He benefited from Corzine’s adamant refusal to make ALL double-dipping in government jobs illegal in New Jersey. Corzine had to make sure his friends did not get penalized for something that is illegal in other states.

Peter Cammarano is mayor of Hoboken, and proud supporter of Corzine. Like Corzine, Cammarano ran on a ticket of reducing property taxes. It is too early to tell if like Corzine he will increase spending to political insiders and increase the tax burden on the middle class and business owners.

We would think Corzine would surround himself with politicians with a less dubious history.


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