Corruption under Corzine

Americans bailed out Corzine’s Wall Street buddies, and they continue to get rich. New Jersey taxpayers continue to get robbed by the robber baron bankers and rich politicians such as Corzine that are owned by the rich robber barons.

Now we find that the governor’s office is under federal investigation for the failed EnCap scheme. Thankfully it is the feds, and not the state investigating. There is little doubt that Ann Milgram would look the other way as far as her buddy Jon goes.

Too be fair, EnCap predates Corzine. New Jersey’s corrupt McGreevey helped ink this failure. Corzine, of course, fully supported McGreevey, calling him a great governor.

The EnCap scheme made a lot of people rich, and cost NJ taxpayers over $50 million. Do we need another four years of corruption and mismanagement in the governor’s office?


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