Corzine’s Green Record has a fairly in depth story about the two candidates battling to be the king of green. Corzine is telling voters that he is running on his record. Christie counters, “The governor fills pages and pages with aspirational talk, but there’s no follow-through.”

In fact, despite Corzine supposed dedication towards making NJ green, we rank 49th in the United States.

Christie criticized the governor, saying little was done to save 400 jobs at a solar-panel plant in West Windsor.

According to a story in the Times of Trenton, the company shut its New Jersey factory last December partly because of the tight credit market and partly because it couldn’t get enough state aid to stay. Company officials did not respond to requests for comment.

Christie wants to require solar panels in all landfills and provide 100% tax exemptions for clean energy while Corzine wants to apply for more federal grant money tax businesses out of the state.

Corzine’s promises of clean energy are as empty as his promises to reduce proeprty taxes, increase property tax rebates, and to make New Jersey fiscally stable.


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