Open Letter to President Obama – please do not support Corzine

The Jersey Guys have written this letter and are urging concerned citizens to copy it and forward it to Obama:
Phone- 202-456-1111/1414
Fax- 202-456-2461

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to ask you to reconsider your decision to come to New Jersey and campaign for Governor Jon Corzine.

With the economic situation in this country being what it is, and the nation facing two wars, as well as a growing threat from North Korea, I think your time could better be spent doing your job, rather than engaging in campaign stunts for a man who is clearly in over his head.

In New Jersey, we have far and away the highest property taxes in the nation.  Governor Corzine promised to cut them by 40%.  He did not.  In fact, they have increased and made the situation much worse. 
Mr. President, people are losing homes that are ALREADY PAID FOR, because they cannot afford to pay the property taxes on them.  Governor Corzine has chosen to do nothing about this.

In New Jersey we have the worst business climate in the country.  In the recession, we are going to have to depend on private businesses to create the jobs that will get people back to work.  Governor Corzine has chosen to deal with our poor business climate by substantially increasing business taxes.  Many of these companies are barely making it, as it is.  Raising their taxes is going to cause many of them to go out of business.  Or, at the very least, force them to layoff more workers just to stay alive.  Again, Governor Corzine has chosen to do nothing about this.

Governor Corzine is cutting property tax relief, which will deprive the middle class of much needed rebates in the coming year.  This could result in the elimination of the middle class, in New Jersey.

In a time when people have no extra money, Governor Corzine has chosen to raise taxes on the people of this state.  This whole time, when the state cannot afford to pay its bills, he has not cut one, single job from state government.  In fact, the number of state employees has actually increased.  When revenues are down, and your state has deficits running in the billions of dollars, how do you actually increase spending?  It doesn’t make sense that the people of New Jersey are constantly being asked to pay more, when they don’t have it, yet the Governor continues to grow the size of state government.

Most recently, in order to have your own Vice President at a campaign rally, he gave away the farm to the local CWA.  Deferring raises, which we cannot afford, to a later date when we will be able to afford them even less.  Then, while seeming to demand that the union take several furlough days, he negated the savings by giving them several “bankable, floating, paid days off.”  So, while he got the furloughs, he also offered to pay the workers for them.  This makes no sense, and will not save the taxpayers of New Jersey any money.  Again, this was just a campaign tactic so that he could stand next to Joe Biden on a stage.  It’s the same gimmick he’s trying to trick you into doing.

The most insulting moment came when our state treasurer, David Rousseau, announced in a committee meeting that the people in New Jersey WERE NOT paying too much in taxes.  This proves that Governor Corzine is completely out of touch with, and does not understand the needs of the people of New Jersey.

I could go on and on.  This represents just a small part of Governor Corzine’s inability to do his job.  However, I’m sure you get the point.

Mr. President, your poll numbers are high.  People across the country, as well as in New Jersey, like you very much.  Governor Corzine is attempting to attach himself to your popularity, and hope that standing next to you on a stage will make people forget the poor job he has done, over the past four years.  I implore you not to let him do this. Don’t let him use you as a tool to continue misleading people.

Please reconsider your position to come to New Jersey, and campaign for Governor Corzine.  He is, without question, NOT the type of “leader” that you would want yourself associated with.



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