Corzine on Health Care

There are some interesting letters to the editor on today’s

One is an open letter to support Obama’s health Care plan – I suppose whatever the plan is, we are not allowed to question it, only support it. Another writer insists that only Corzine can provide access to quality health care in New Jersey. They bring up the fact that the governor tried to cut $9 million from NJFamilyCare program, and only relented after lobbying from AARP and NJ Citizen Action.

And the amazing thing is that AARP then accuses Christie for not having a plan and endorses Corzine, thanking him. This is a blatant Quid Pro Quo – Corzine told these advocacy groups that he would reinstate funding for health programs in return for their support. It is corrupt NJ politics as usual, and AARP should be ashamed for participating in this transparent scheme to buy votes.

If Corzine wants to make an impact on health care, not only in New Jersey but in this country, he should have applied pressure to Senators Menendez and that old fossil, Lautenberg. Both of these clowns voted against the best interests of their constituents, and in favor of the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to allow their corporate sponsors to continue ripping us off with high prescription prices.

They voted against the successful HR2892 that now allows American citizens to legally purchase their prescription drugs from Canada at a substantial savings.

For years US taxpayers have been subsidizing other countries with lower priced drugs while we pay more for necessary health care. It is unconscionable that our New Jersey Democrats are solidly working for higher drug prices for us. Thankfully sanity prevailed for once in the senate.


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