New Jersey needs leadership, Corzine promises… a reality TV star?

We have to wonder where Jon Corzine’s priorities are:

Randal Pinkett, who went to work for Donald Trump after winning Season 4 of The Apprentice, is receiving serious consideration to become the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, according to Democrats connected to Gov. Jon Corzine.   Corzine has been actively searching for an African American running mate.

For a running mate he does not specify that he is looking for a competent administrator, or somebody with leadership ability, or financial acumen. No, his criterion is the person be African American.

Not the most qualified, just a person of color.

We applaud any candidate that selects the most qualified running mate based on experience and not based on gender or race. However, Corzine’s move is a shallow ploy to buy votes.

Donald Trump’s empire is shaky at best. Is that what we want to model New Jersey politics on – reality shows and the cult of personality? Corzine’s ploy seems to be the worst sort of racism, discriminating against all qualified persons unless they meet first and foremost his demand that they be a person of color.


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