Corzine hopes Obama will bail him out, Commercial foreclosures soar

Under Jon Corzine commercial foreclosures tripled this year.

Commercial foreclosures soared in New Jersey in the second quarter, with lenders and loan servicers going to court to take back 413 income-producing properties — nearly three times the number of such filings during the same period last year.

Corzine’s taxes and fees and refusal to repeal the repressive corporate tax have made New Jersey one of the least business friendly states in the nation. And with more and more businesses failing, Corzine is acting like a welfare queen with his hands out, expecting Obama to continue to bail New Jersey out of the mess that Corzine helped create.

Of course these bail-outs will have no impact on assisting businesses in the state.The jobs created, while helpful, will not stem the tide of unemployment sweeping the state.


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