Jersey City council woman evades Corzine’s highest in the nation taxes

Corzine came into the state with a goal. His goal was to brazenly increase all taxes and all fees on everything in the state. He has succeeded in almost every fee increase and tax increase he championed.

Despite resistance from fellow democrats, he trudged onward, making sure he left no tax unturned. Some of his fellow democrats have found interesting ways to evade his tax increases. Take the interesting case of Nidia Lopez, Jersey City councilwoman. The interesting thing is that her permanent place of residence is Florida. She has evaded paying New Jersey taxes, claimed a Florida real estate deduction, oh, and get this – she voted in both New Jersey and Florida. Yes, she committed voter fraud. Isn’t that a felony?

She has been advised to abstain from voting until her legal issues of tax fraud and voter fraud are cleared up, but refuses. Like Corzine, she loves to increase taxes. She voted to increase property taxes in Jersey City by 12.5% (despite Corzine’s failed promise to limit property tax increases to a mere 4% a year). I suppose high New Jersey property taxes are not a problem when you live in Florida!

Lopez also avoided Jon Corzine’s increase in drivers license fees by not having a New Jersey Drivers License. Well, not until she was elected and had to prove that she was really a resident of New Jersey, and not Florida, where she committed a class 3 felony by voting in two states.

We wonder if Lopez also had Florida Insurance and tags on her car, committing insurance fraud to bypass New Jersey’s highest in the nation car insurance?

Where is Corzine on this? We know that Corzine’s administration has stated clearly and succinctly that New Jersey residents are definitely not over-taxed. Apparently Nidia Lopez disagrees, and violated state law to avoid Corzine’s taxes.

Corzine’s friend, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy selected Lopez to run as the Journal Square council candidate on His Team Healy ticket. It seems like poor judgment all around. How can the Democratic machine in Corzine’s New Jersey support a felon, tax-cheat and out of state resident for political office?


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