Corzine still trails Christie

The most recent Rasmussen Poll shows Corzine still trailing Christie by double-digits:

This month’s Rasmussen Poll of the New Jersey governor’s race shows that incumbent Jon Corzine (D) still trails Chris Christie by double digits. About half — 47 percent, to be exact — of the state’s voters say that a visit by President Obama this fall will help, while one third say it will have no impact.

Corzine is relying on a visit by Obama to help his standings. The very fact that Obama is stumping for the worst governor in New Jersey’s history, (and there are a lot of contenders for that honor: Byrne, Florio, McGreevey – they just seem to keep outdoing each other) gives us reason to question his ability to govern the country fairly.

Obama needs to step aside, and put partisan politics aside, and do what is best for the residents of New Jersey. What is best for New Jersey, of course, is to dump Corzine. Corzine with his Wall Stret cronies have destroyed this country financially, and Corzine brought his failed inside Wall Street dealings and machinations into Trenton politics.

How many millions in pension funds were lost due to very bad investments on Corzine’s part? New Jersey employees lost, Corzine’s banker buddies got rich.


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