Corzine not a friend of environmentalists

Corzine is attacking Christie’s record on the environment, refusing to accept that Christie’s problem is with the DEP hampering business and industry in New Jersey, not with common sense regulations but with red tape and useless paperwork.

Corzine’s record is not anything he should be bragging about. Once again the Sierra Club is critical of Corzine’s poor performance. New Jersey ranks 49th in growth of green jobs.

“While the Corzine Administration was out there trying to save Xanadu, Pennsylvania was able to entice a windmill factory to open its doors right across the river from the statehouse,” said Tittel. “While New Jersey has talked a lot about renewable energy, other states are actually doing things. While New Jersey has put in place programs for energy efficiency, other states have actually created jobs and are getting the job done.”

Like everything else under Corzine’s failed leadership, he has talked the talk but utterly refused to walk the walk. He promised lower property taxes, not one municipality has lowered their property taxes under Corzine. Corzine has instead placed more financial burdens on municipalities, increasing property tax burdens.

Corzine talks “green” but has failed miserably, being sidetracked instead on inside deals that benefit his political allies and cronies.


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