Corzine discriminates against NJ Drivers

Only New Jersey could screw up E-ZPass. Houston Texas has a system that works on the freeway with traffic moving at 75 MPH. In New Jersey you have to come to almost a complete stop. The Florida Turnpike has a system with no toll booths, it works at highway speeds.

Most E-ZPass systems give motorists a discount for using the system. Not New Jersey. You might argue that the convenience of using E-ZPass makes up for the lack of a discount. However, New York state drivers using E-ZPass get a minimal discount. It is sort of passing on of savings to the motorists that have helped reduce the demand for manpower.

Now the MTA is increasing fees, and New York drivers will get a discount. New Jersey drivers however will pay the same as those paying cash. Corzine is not only not interested in bringing fairness to NJ drivers, he is pretending that he knows nothing about the situation.

Starting July 12, when the MTA increase takes effect, the E-ZPass discount traditionally set aside for all E-ZPass users, will only apply to drivers who enrolled in the program through the E-ZPass New York Service Center. Those not enrolled through New York will be charged the same price as drivers who pay cash to use the seven bridges and two tunnels.


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