Corzine breaks yet another campaign promise

Corzine wants New Jersey voters to forget his promise to do two-year budgets, but senator Anthiny Bucco won’t let that happen if he has his way.

“Governor Corzine, who ran for election on the oft repeated vow that he would do two-year budgets, has just shown again that he thinks nothing of breaking a promise,” Senator Bucco said. “Despite his 2005 campaign vow of transparency, the governor now thinks it’s better if the public doesn’t hear about the coming fiscal crisis for a few months.”

New Jersey faces a $10 BILLION dollar budget deficit next year, and Jon Corzine does not want you to know about that. He will do anything to keep this news out of the newspapers. He has broken every campaign promise, and New Jersey faces the worst financial crisis it has ever faced. All Corzine can think of is trying to get re-elected so that he can dig us deeper into this hellish hole.


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