Age Discrimination?

This letter appeared in the Daily Journal today:

In Gov. Jon Corzine’s new budget, homeowners making more than $75,000 a year will get no property tax relief, but if you are 65 or older and making up to $150,000 a year you can keep it. This is blatantly a discrimination based on a person’s age, and I see no other way of looking at it. It is called ageism, discrimination based on age.

Any New Jersey legislator that voted for this budget has decided to use a person’s age as a marker. Why does the government take money from younger people and give it to older people making twice as much? If this is the American way, then we have lost our country. Locally, Sen. Jim Whelan, a Democrat, and all three legislators in the 3rd District approved of this.

If we the people are to take this sitting down, then we deserve what we get. This despicable governing should be the final straw, which will send scores of state assemblymen and senators to the scrapheap this coming election. Jon Corzine, the man who signed this budget, will be the gone as well.

Evan Shea



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