Corzine succeeds in major tax increases

Jon Corzine succeeded in increasing taxes yet again while not really making any attempt to curtail spending or eliminating any unneeded patronage jobs.

Corzine has adamantly refused to visit the possibility of eliminating part time public employees from the health plans, pension plans or other taxpayer funded benefits that only full-time employees enjoy in the private sector.

But he has rammed through massive tax increases and eliminated the property tax rebates (which help offset skyrocketing property taxes) for all but the few.

Corzine’s budget is a total hoax built on one-time gimmicks and works only because New Jersey taxpayers allowed him to defer millions upon millions of dollars until next year – and then we will be faced with the exact same problems that we faced this year.

The state’s agreement with CWA will save money now, but it will cost the state later, Davis said.

“You’re putting off a state expenditure and they will get two increases within six months,” Davis said. “The employees are going to be able to take seven additional paid days off in the future, so it’s kind of just deferring costs.”

The CWA deal proved that while Corzine will talk tough, he is owned lock, stock and barrel by the labor unions. Corzine thumbed his nose at every unemployed laborer that is not fortunate enough to be a union member. He thumbed his nose at every hardworking taxpayer that owns a small business all the while catering to the CWA, caving in and buying their support.

As New Jersey faces the highest unemployment we have seen since the great depression, Corzine guaranteed that union workers could not lose their job, whether the job was necessary or not. Sure, they are now guaranteed to be paid for sitting around like so many Soprano’s style flunky’s, all on the taxpayer dime.

Corzine once again increased the tax on cigarettes, despite the fact that his last cigarette tax increase resulted in millions of dollars in lost revenue both from cigarette taxes as well as sales taxes on other items, and hitting the small mom and pop stores hard in the gut.

Do not believe for one second that people are smoking less, leading to this loss in revenue. Corzine is telling New Jersey residents that he truly believes we are brainless.

With a $2.70 tax per pack, a person can drive to Delaware and purchase five cartons and save almost $100 between the cigarette tax and Delawares 0% sales tax compared to New Jersey’s 7%.

By shopping in Delaware, where there is no sales tax and cigarette taxes are just $1.15 per pack, he avoided spending $77.50 in cigarette taxes and about $20 in sales taxes.

Corzine’s $29 BILLION budget defers so many debt obligations that the state faces a $10 BILLION deficit by 2011.

“Make no mistake, this budget is Jon Corzine’s election-year Hail Mary pass,” said Sen. Steven V. Oroho, R-Sussex. “This budget pushes off billions of dollars of today’s debt and other obligations onto future generations, all to prop up the governor’s flagging approval ratings.”

This budget is so wrong in so many ways. It maintains the business tax that has worked so well for the past decade at driving new business as well as old out of the state. It places tax burdens on those that can least afford it, and creates job loss, while protecting Corzine’s sacred unions. And it is in fact the opposite of what he promised us when he was elected. Every action is a broken promise, or an outright lie, depending on your point of view.

In fact, Corzine has run New Jersey the way his friends and cohorts ran Wall Street.


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