Corzine increases education costs for many students

Many towns and municipalities followed Corzine’s suggestion several years ago and consolidated services with neighboring towns, reducing costs. Corzine now has forced these towns to cancel the arangements, break contracts and increased the costs of education for children by up to five times.

Property taxes will now skyrocket due to Corzine’s insistence of state government interference with local issues.

For Loch Arbour, that could mean that the annual amount it pays to Ocean Township could increase more than five fold.

That means higher property taxes for residents of Loch Arbour and at least 23 other towns who thought they were doing the right thing for their communities and for their children when they decided to regionalize years ago.  … t the bill could spell the end of shared services agreements if the courts do not intervene.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The only sure thing under Jon Corzine is increased taxes, increased costs, increased government interference.


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