Corzine blasts Republicans for not supporting his tax increase on the middle class

According to Rutgers University, Corzine’s budget is going to cost the average family in New Jersey $1200.  And yet Corzine has the gall to blast Republicans for refusing to endorse this travesty.

Corzine is silent about the many Democrats that refused to endorse this highway robbery. According to

Assembly Republican Budget officer Malone said that more Democrats should have joined Republicans in opposing a plan that raises taxes by $1.7 billion, and defers $2 billion in pension contributions, $450 million in debt service payments, and $300 million in school aid.

“I will continue to maintain this is a dishonest budget and one whose repercussions will be felt for years to come. The governor conveniently omits speaking about the 1.2 million middle income people who will not derive any property tax relief from this plan.”


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