Corzine’s Red Herring

Our favorite website, throws us an interesting topic today:

Gary Chiusano, R-Sussex, Morris, and Hunterdon, said he hopes that future budgeting in New Jersey will be based on a multi-year cycle which has been previously recommended by the governor.

Democrat John Burchizelli called the subject a red herring. However, Corzine recommended such an action.The issue is only a red herring if a republican is an advocate?

The problem is, however, Corzine has advocated something he failed to implement during his tenure. We surely do not want him advocating it now, as he is preparing to exit office at the behest of the voters, if the polls prove to be as true in November as they are now.

The problem with a 5-year plan is that a governor serves only four years. To implement a 5-year budget in the last year of ones term places the onus of bad planning on ones successor.

However, there has to be some sort of compromise that would allow for proper long-term budgeting and planning to ensure direction, and act as a benchmark to determine the success, or failure of policy decisions.


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