Jon adds yet ANOTHER patronage position

New Jersey faces a severe fiscal crisis. Jon Corzine is forcing public employees to take unpaid  furloughs. He is illegally cutting funding earmarked for the arts and beach replenishment, slashing funding for education and health care – and yet he found room in his budget to fill yet another obscenely overpaid patronage position.

“The governor has made a cynical political appointment to a position that should never be filled. There is no duty of the elections superintendent in Morris County that is not already being performed by some other agency.

“Morris County does not need this position. Its elected leaders do not want this position. We want to save the taxpayers money during a recession by leaving it unfilled.”

Corzine has been on a hiring frenzy this year, appointing no-talent hacks to highly paid positions. For instance, Anthony “Skip” Cimino is now CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, even though he has absolutely zero experience in the health care field. His only job before becoming a politician and living on the taxpayers’ dole was running a small flooring business. This is outrageous!

Corzine re-appointed the scandal-ridden Jeanne fox to the BPU. Never mind that she was found guilty of wrong-doing. Audits discovered a  secret $83 million bank account, poor to non-existent record-keeping and gross negligence on her part. With Jon Corzine, it is NJ politics as usual – reward incompetence as long as they are a friend.

If Jon wants to save the taxpayers some money – he needs to begin now by radically eliminating political patronage positions. If a position is required, allow the prospective employees to go through civil service to ensure that qualified people are placed, not workers from one political party or another.


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