Lawmakers ask Corzine to look into security at Camden Schools

You have heard of Camden, NJ. Is is the money pit, the black hole that devours millions upon millions of extraordinary aid, financed by the middle-class New Jersey taxpayers struggling to pay the skyrocketing property taxes in a state whose government has run amok.

Camden’s school system sucks money like a storm drain sucking the oil and antifreeze from sidewalk mechanics. Where it goes we don’t know, but we know that nothing good can come from it.

With some of the highest paid administrators of any school system in the state, Camden schools remain at the bottom of every list. And now there are concerns about security. But it is more important to have trained security from a school system that is overrun with gang activity to make a run to the local Wawa to bring back a cup of cappuchina than it is to protect children that possibly might be in school to get an education.


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