Corzine’s Opaque Government

In yet another broken promise, Jon Corzine promised “transparency in government” and yet again stonewalls the public when it comes to getting information.

Senator Diane Allen is challenging Corzine to release to the public which schools are going to lose funding this year due to the $35 million in debt service aid he has rescinded.

Corzine promised to not neglect the most needy among us, yet he has targeted assisted living, the working class and now children’s education, all the while refusing to eliminate even one patronage job.

Corzine is saving $35 million by targeting education, but refuses to even consider a $68 million savings by eliminating 75% of all patronage positions.

And now, he is adamantly refusing to release the information about which schools will see their funding cut, forcing them to create and approve budgets that very well might be based on outdated information. These budgets, if approved, would cause massive emergency tax increases on the municipalities.

It is quite apparent that Corzine’s form of government is based on opaqueness, not transparency.


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