Corzine slings the first mud

In an unsurprising move, Jon Corzine was the first to sling mud, avoiding his own record out of necessity:

He stayed mostly on the sidelines during primary season, but Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey has quickly gone on offense in his campaign for re-election, unleashing two tough campaign commercials portraying his challenger, the former prosecutor Christopher J. Christie, as a threat to women, the environment and fiscal responsibility.

Corzine’s record on the environment is less than stellar. Corzine, in his latest budget, substantially cut funding for environmental protection. Also, under Corzine, New Jersey is refusing to release its environmental records without a fight!

Christie, on the other hand, in U.S. v. Atlantic, Chris prosecuted polluters, jailed them and used their fine money to support NJ environmental non-profits and their work.

Corzine’s record on fiscal responsibility is deplorable. We will not even delve into the dirty details of the sweet deals Corzine continually cuts with the CWA, placing the financial burden squarely on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers.

Instead, we will focus on Corzine’s inability to tell the truth.

When running for office four years ago Corzine said:

I have a property tax plan that is going to provide 40% growth in rebates. A rebate plan that will increase each year for four years.

The reality? This year Corzine is eliminating the property tax rebates for the majority of New Jersey residents.

Corzine also promised:

For a middle income family, [the property tax rebate] will be about $800 going to $1200. That’s real money when the average property tax bill is $5500.

The reality? The broken promise? The fiscal irresponsibility of Wall Street Tycoon Jon Corzine? This year, the average rebate goes from $1,000 to ZERO. Meanwhile, under Corzine, the average property tax bill has increased to $7,045.

If this is what Corzine considers fiscal responsibility, I would hate to see what irresponsibility is.

Finally, Corzine speaks abut the issue of credibility.

When you have a chance to do something… and then you do  just the opposite when you get to Trenton, I think there’s a credibility issue.

We absolutely agree!


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