Corzine running against former President Bush

It is sad. Jon Corzine cannot run on his record, since he broke virtually every promise that he campaigned on to get lected. He will have little success convincing taxpayers that he has our best interests at heart after cutting a sweet deal with the CWA guaranteeing them pay increases and handing over more vacation days when the rest of New Jersey faces the highest unemployment in the nation.

So what does he do? He is campaigning against George W. Bush. Yep. He claims that simply because his opponent is Republican, he must by virtue of association be guilty.

Okay, we will consider Jon’s theory that Christy is not a good candidate simply because of the acts of other Republicans. If this argument is indeed valid, then Jon Corzine should never be allowed to run for any public office because of the 100 or so corrupt Democrats in New jersey that have been convicted of blatantly violating the law and the citizens’ trust.

Convicted felon Senator (D) Wayne Bryant,  convicted felon Senator (D) Sharpe James, convicted felon Mayor Sarah Bost, convicted felon commissioner Peter Perez, convicted felon Mayor Ken Gibson – okay, I don’t have the time or space to list all 44 convicted prominent New Jersey Democrats.

The point is, if Corzine can claim that his opponent should not be governor simply because of an inept administration (with no felons among the named ranks) then Corzine needs to seriously consider stepping down because his entire party it seems reeks of corruption at every level. Corzine has done very little to staunch the corruption, allowing convicted felons to continue receiving state pensions, allowing double dipping to continue, the list does go on and on.


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