Corzine spreads the pain, as long as you are not CWA

In yet another broken promise, Corzine forced every non-public working resident of New Jersey to shoulder a very sweet deal with the Communications Workers of America (CWA). The CWA is the largest public-employee union, and the employees are apparently Jon Corzine’s constituents, not the rest of us.

He repeatedly told us the pain would have to be shared. Shared among every citizen EXCEPT the taxpayer paid public employees that just got an additional seven paid days under Jon’s hardship negotiations.

Corzine initially insisted on 2 unpaid furlough days this budget year, and 12 next year. He promised the taxpaying citizens that in this fiscal crisis it would be unconscionable for public employees to continue getting pay raises when everybody else, if they are lucky enough to still have a job, are seeing pay cuts.

At the last minute, to ensure the CWA didn’t picket his campaign kick-off and scare off Joe Biden, Corzine is giving them only 10 furlough days, and in exchange they get 7 new paid vacation days. They can use these days at will, or save them and cash out at the end of their employment, at a higher rate of pay; totally paid for by the taxpaying citizens of New Jersey.

What’s even more egregious is another shell game. When private employees are facing unemployment with their compensation running out, and those fortunate to have jobs are having salaries CUT, Corzine is deferring the 3.5% pay raises till 2011. This defrred pay raise will be due, in addition to the  pay raise due in 2010. Pensions will be accrued at a rate as if their pay had not been deferred. ALL on the backs of the average working citizen in this state.

Whoever is in charge in two years will have to face another budget crisis, paying for the hundreds upon hundreds of millions that Corzine has deferred from this budget year. Corzine has yet to make one genuine cut, relying instead on more of the smoke and mirrors that he promised to shun when he ran for election.

Corzine sold EVERY taxpaying resident of this state down the river in yet another sweethaert deal with the CWA.


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