Corzine still just does not get it

Corzine is still planning to balance his budget on the backs of middle class residents. He refuses to consider any cuts that would affect his political cronies. Republicans have just offered more suggestions of meaningful cuts such as:

•        Eliminating two-thirds of political patronage appointees in state government ($68 million).
•        Reducing unnecessary state-issued cell phones, wireless devices and vehicles ($4.5 million).
•        Eliminating compensation – including pension credit and health benefits – for members of boards and commissions ($4 million).
•        Eliminating taxpayer-funded income paid to state prisoners ($1.5 million).

“Instead of targeting the areas we identified, Governor Corzine chose to take away property tax relief and relies on the same tired financial games that have placed us in such a poor position,” said Assembly Republican Budget Officer Joe Malone, R-Burlington, Ocean, Mercer and Monmouth.


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