Corzine moves polling place to kick off campaign

In an extremely unethical move, Jon Corzine moved apolling place at the last minute so that he could use the venue for a political purpose. In a short article from the Courier Post:

Corzine chose this coming Tuesday to announce his official campaign kickoff. He’s having Vice President Joe Biden come in. But his campaign chose to do it at the Richard J. Codey Arena in West Orange, where as many as 2,000 people are supposed to vote that day.

Since state law forbids political activity within 100 feet of a polling place, the Board of Elections in Essex County has to move the polling place from the Codey Arena and thus inconvenience and probably confuse hundreds of voters who won’t get the word.

When asked to explain it, campaign spokesman Sean Darcy declined to say who chose that site and why. “The campaign doesn’t know anything about it,” he said. Biden’s office said it wasn’t Biden’s doing.

Who is making decisions for Corzine’s campaign? Corzine again looks foolish and out of touch. They couldn’t hold this event somewhere in New Jersey that isn’t a polling place?

The decision is just one of many brainless decisions to emanate from this administration. It is highly irregular, unethical, and we would suggest illegal. It at the very least violates the very spirit of the law, if not the letter. And it is just one more example of just how out of touch Corzine really is with the citizens of New Jersey.


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