Corzine out of touch

Corzine recently moved into his new digs at 1025 Maxwell Lane in Hoboken, NJ. He’s reportedly spent $3.25 million in refurbishing his condo in the renovated, upscale Maxwell House Industrial Complex.

Jon, a multi-millionaire that ran on reforming New Jersey’s highest in the nation property taxes still does not get it. His administration publicly declared that those in New Jersey are “not overtaxed”.

Looking at Jon Corzine’s property taxes on this multi-million dollar property we can understand why he would have such thoughts. Corzine’s property is undervalued on the tax roles at an $822,400 assessed value. Jon is only paying a little over $8,000 a year in property taxes.

That $8,000 a year is a spit in the bucket, the price of a night in Manhattan for him. And yet he appears to be getting special treatment with an outrageously low assessment for an extravagant property in an exclusive complex where he is certainly safe from gang crime, drive-by shootings and other nuisances that the rest of the taxpaying citizens are forced to endure on a daily basis.

It must be nice to live in an insulated world, unfazed and undazed by the by-products of the failed policies of your own administration.


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