Economic Recovery

Corzine is clueless about where to begin in the state’s economic recovery. First he raises taxes on everything that is not nailed down. When that failed, he began the shell game. He moves debt from this year to next, pushing that debt on whatever poor soul wins the next governor’s election.

He forces low paid state workers to take furloughs, disrupting state business and hurting the working class. Meanwhile, he appoints political lackeys to positions such as Camden chief operating officer at a rate of $220,000 a year.

The disclosure about the $220,000 salary came at a meeting of the state Economic Recovery Board, which was mandated to approve the salary 20 months ago, when Theodore Z. Davis was appointed to the position by Gov. Corzine.

That appointment and the salary are now under investigation of the state Attorney General over questions of how the money was approved. In this economy when working people are forced to cut back on their menial wages, how can any person in good conscience demand such an obscene salary?

The mayor of Camden pays $103,000 annually, and this joker earns more than twice that? Even the mayor of Philadelphia only earns $167,000 a year!

He is a bureaucrat, for god’s sake.He has no accountability to the public, he does not have to show results. In fact, for all of the millions upon millions that Corzine and company have dumped into Camden, it is just as much of a sewer as it always has been. The only benefits have been the politically connected getting nice salaries (with no furloughs) and padding their pensions while the state edges ever closer to insolvency.

While we are speaking about pensions, Davis, a former judge also rakes in $9,776 a month from that pension.  But Corzine’s plan to fix the economy is to sock it to the lowly paid state employees earning $40,000 a year!

Way to go Guv’nor. That shows just how in touch you are witht he people of New Jersey.


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