Corzine without a plan to curtail rising insurance costs for public employees

Corzine, in a rare moment of lucidity, admits that a double-digit increase in insurance costs for public employees looms on the horizon of New Jersey’s future. He ordered a “review”. Ooooohhhhhh. Bold move!

Corzine has failed to offer even one idea on how to reduce soaring costs. I guess he is waiting for another federal government bail-out when it becomes a crisis situation.

Here are some common-sense ideas. First – all public employees should be required to contribute an amount towards their health-care similar to what private sector employees are required to pay.

Second – revoke ALL benefits for part-time employees, as well as benefits paid to political sycophants in patronage positions.

Here is an idea – SHRINK government. Begin a workforce reduction through attrition, and immediately do away with 10% of the patronage jobs that benefit nobody but political cronies.


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