New Jersey scores an F+

New Jersey continues to lose jobs, and all Corzine can do is say that the national unemployment rate is a tad bit worse than ours.

“That’s now 15 consecutive months of job loss under the Corzine administration, yet his top staff continue to tout the rate in context of the national average,” (Sam) Thompson, R-Middlesex and Monmouth said. “That’s like failing a test, but bragging that you scored five points better than your classmate.”

New jersey actually lost more jobs than the Corzine administration is willing to admit. Using smoke and mirrors, a standard Corzine tactic, they added 1,200 federal census jobs to the recent count to make it seem like the state is not hemorrhaging like a hemophiliac rolling around in a brier patch.

Those census jobs hardly qualify as employment, as the jobs last atmost for 3 months. Sure, it is better than living in the gutter, but Corzine can hardly take credit for federally mandated part time employment.

The provate sector has lost 54,000 jobs this yeat to date, in part due to New Jersey’s ranking as one of the least business friendly states in the union. Corzine’s rush to impose even more restrictive taxes and fees onbusiness surely cannot be helping matters any.


One Response to “New Jersey scores an F+”

  1. If you have a job in New Jersey, you are lucky (or not – depending on your point of view).

    Without a job at least you qualify for a ton of social services. With a job, all you have to look forward to is ever increasing debt and expenses.

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