Corzines Solution? MORE Taxes – imagine that!

In addition to yanking the promised homestead rebates, Corzine has adamantly refused any substantial cuts in government and instead is relying on increased taxes.

New Jersey is going to move into first place with the highest top end state income tax rate of 10.75%. This is a revision of McGreevey’s Millionaire tax that began with families earning $500,000 a year. Yeah, McGreevey was not that sharp in math, and neither is Corzine. Corzines millionair tax increase will start with people earning $400,000 a year. Just more reason for the top wage earners in the state to move a few miles to Delaware or Pennsylvania.

With some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation, Corzine wants to increase taxes on insurers. Property taxes too high? Expect your home insurance bill to increase next year, too. Just barely making your mortgage? Don’t worry, Corzine is funding the programs to help feed the homeless, so you will not starve to death!


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