Corzine is going to make you sweat this summer

Yes, facing the highest taxes in the nation, high unemployment, the most unfriendly business climate, new fees and taxes at every turn you can now thank Jon Corzine for increasing your electric bills.

Corzine approved increases in electric rates which will benefit the electric utilities greatly on the backs of taxpayers that are struggling to make their mortgage or rent payments.

Corzine’s solution is to “turn off your air conditioner this summer”. Of course we will  guarantee the air conditioners will be running at full force at Drumthwacket this summer.

It is these sort of policy moves that prove that Corzine is completely out of touch with the working class in New Jersey. As the $400 a month energy bills roll in, and as we see the elderly die from heat exhaustion because they cannot afford to run an air conditioner, we need to remember the greed of the utilities, and Corzine’s complicity.


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