Corzine advises contributors how to evade Pay to Play laws

Corzine told contractors that would be forbidden to work on state jobs if they contributed to his campaign how to evade the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

(Corzine’s) campaign had told prospective donors they could get around state pay-to-play restrictions by donating to the DSC’s federal campaign account.

New Jersey is one of the most ethically challenged states in the union, and Corzine has proved that he is not willing to make any enduring changes. He had the chance to yank pensions for criminal politicians, and still allows those convicted of crimes to retire on the taxpayer’s dime. He had the chance to enact true pay to play reform, but left in loopholes large enough to drive semi trucks full of cash through.

And now his campiagn is on record advising contributors how to evade the law legally. Because in politics, as we all know, money talks.


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