Another Broken Promise by Corzine

Corzine has cut homestead rebates, aka property tax rebates in an about-face. Now, we on this forum agree that the homestead rebates are a gimmick. They are a pacifier we have been given in lieu of true property tax reform in New Jersey.

However, until the state reforms its malicious ways, the property owners in this state need all the help they can get. We have the highest property taxes in the nation. We have a state sales tax AND a state income tax besides. We have some of the highest cigarette taxes, which have done nothing but fuel a black market, hurt independent retailers, and reduce overall state sales tax revenue dramatically.

We still fight insane auto insurance rates. We are at the top of the list of the least business friendly states. Our leaders sit idly by as corporation after corporation desert this sinking ship.

The state is on the verge of bankruptcy, and yet Jon Corzine still plays business as usual, divying out taxpayer funded “gifts” of millions upon millions to cities that have demonstrated an outright inability to manage their own affairs without taxpayer bail-outs. Jon continues to appoint political lackeys to patronage jobs at the same time that he forces low paid state employees to take furloughs.

And now that one little bit of money that helps the struggling working class offset insane property taxes (that are caused by unfunded state mandates) has been yanked. This is just another hidden tax on New Jersey residents to the tune of $976,000,000 this year. How much more can we take?


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