Smoke and mirrors to “trim” another $150 million

True to form, Corzine offers no budget reform, only parlor games and tricks.

With a major budget shortfall, his solutions are to push a major portion of this year’s expenses forward a year, saddling the taxpayers with future obligations, but no real cut anywhere.

Another solution is to further shortchange the public pension fund, pushing those obligations on future generations. All of his ideas have the ring of déjà vu. Maybe Jon’s new nickname should be “McGreevey Lite”.

In addition to rehashed McGreevey, he is also stealing almost 2/3’s from the surplus leaving the state in a precarious situation if we should ever face a public emergency. Republican lawmakers immediately fired a rebuttal upon hearing his “solutions”:

“This is nothing more than McGreevey II. ‘Back to the future’ is not good for the future of New Jersey,” Malone said.

A true liberal, he is once again considering increasing the cigarette sin tax all the while ignoring the reality that this is a sure way to reduce receipts. Corzine believes that New Jersey residents are so stupid that they cannot figure out how to drive to Delaware or PA to save a few dollars.

Corzine’s tax increase on cigarettes caused a $24 million dollar REDUCTION in tax receipts. Nice move, Mr. Businessman. This also reduced traffic to small retail stores, hurting small business the worst. No wonder NJ is in the top five anti-business states in the nation!

Cigarette sales drive other purchases at convenience stores. As these stores lose customers, they lose the peripheral sales. And the state loses that potential sale tax revenue. Another loss! And still Mr. Ideology ponders even more tax increases. It is dangerous when a leader allows political ideology rather than rational thought to dictate policy.


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