Corzine’s inept government costs municipalities – AGAIN!

Corzine’s sale tax increase just dealt struggling cities another blow. His inability to ensure that the bureaucracy is running smoothly failed when it was discovered that Trenton had failed to collect the proper sales tax from UEZ zoned cities.

This is a $40 million mistake that Corzine was made aware a year ago, but only decided now to take action, leaving the municipalities that were totally unaware of Trenton’s blunder in dire straits.

“This is blatantly unfair to towns that for years have been sent this revenue without any idea they weren’t entitled to it,” (Assemblyman John) Amodeo said. “This last-minute money grub affects several development projects that would have created jobs and helped restart New Jersey’s struggling economy, such as the redevelopment of a block near Washington Avenue and Main Street in Pleasantville.”

New Jersey can no longer afford the incompetence at every level that is the trademark of the Corzine administration.


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