Corzine still without solution

Facing a $500 million deficit and a $1.2 billion shortfall this year, Jon Corzine still refuses to include republican lawmakers in his plan to fix New Jersey.

He continues to stall while promising to unveil his miracle proposal:

Gov. Corzine expects to lay out solutions for New Jersey’s latest budget shortfall within days, he said yesterday.

“You’ll hear this week, relatively early,” Corzine told reporters. “We’re close to coming out with what we will propose.”

Corzine claimed that the state would have a $700 million surplus this year. He fell short of his expectations. That was no surprise to us. We explained many times that tax increases never bring in the projected money. Tax increases stifle growth and inhibit spending, bringing in decreasing returns while all too often hurting the lower class and middle class citizens that can least afford the added expenses they have been saddled with by an uncaring political machine.


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