5 Spending Cuts that Corzine has refused

The following five ideas have been recommended to Corzine as methods to reduce frivolous, politically motivated spending in NJ.

1. Reduce Spending on Special Municipal Aid $107, 305, 000

2. Eliminate Political Appointees $68, 481, 000

3. County Prosecutor Funding Initiative Pilot Program $8, 000, 000

4. End Compensation to Members of Commissions, Boards $4, 000, 000

5. Eliminate the New Jersey Law Revision Commission $400, 000

Corzine has refused to consider any of them. He claims they are either nonsense, or impossible to implement. The real reason is that they are all means to reward politically connected friends with public money.

Concerning item 1: A State Auditor’s Report noted a variety of problems including that no objective criteria exists to guide awards. can you say financial for political allies? The report further found that financial recovery plans for recipients had not been prepared as required by law. Who needs to be bound by the constraints of legality, after all, this is Corzine politics! Hearings have never been held to determine if towns should be subject to a fiscal review board as required by law. Finally, grants recommended by staff are subject to “managerial override” which is a short way of saying that there is no control, no accountability whatsoever. Municipal Aid is nothing more than legal political slush money.

Item #2: In the midst of a recession, as New Jersey battles billion dollar shortfalls, Corzine hired TEN political appointees in the past four months. These positions circumvent civil service regulations. These positions go to party hardliners as rewards for service, and serve to pad pensions on the backs of taxpayers. While everyone else is being asked to cut back, including low paid state employees, certain employees, it  seems, are more equal than others.

Item #3 – Four counties – Camden, Essex, Hudson, and Mercer – get special taxpayer financed money with no strings attached. It is ironic that these counties are also the centers for dirty politics and corruption in the state. Or is it?

Item #4 – Hundreds of political cronies serve part time, highly paid positions on boards, and rack up benefits comparable to full time employees such as insane pensions, health care that is denied the majority of NJ residents, free cars, the list goes on.

And finally, #5 is just a redundant office whose mission (besides leeching off the taxpayers) can be accomplished by existing personnel in other departments. They are supposed to simplify and clarify laws – they haven’t even done that.

Corzine is willing it seems to cut everything except the lifeblood of political hacks that are becoming millionaires and retiring rich off of New Jersey’s struggling taxpayers.


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