Corzine’s $2 Billion Failure

The financial genius elected to turn New Jersey around proved that he was a fiscally responsible as every other bih wig banker on Wall Street this week when he finally admitted to the public that his budget would see a $2 Billion shortfall.Gov.

Jon Corzine’s press secretary, Robert Corrales, confirmed today that revenue collections may now come in $1.5 billion to $2 billion short of what the governor has projected for the end of the current budget year and the new one that begins on July 1.

As key democrats rush in to cover up Corzine’s broken promises and lies, it is quite apparent now that the king is wearing no clothes.  Corzine was able to get off of Wall Street before Dick Fuld, Angelo Mozilo, Jimmy Cayne, Fred Joseph and the rest of the crew that profited wildly as they drove this country into bankruptcy, but his true colors show through. He’s had fours years to fix New Jersey and has succeeded only in increasing taxes, increasing debt and increasing spending.


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