Corzine is running against George Bush

At least that is the conclusion one would draw with his latest attack against Chris Christie.

“Chris Christie was a Bush pioneer, a Bush contributor, a Bush appointee, and a Bush policymaker.  We don’t need another round of Bush policies inflicted on New Jersey,” said Cryan, who is also an Assemblyman from Union County.   “Just like Bush, Chris Christie refuses to level with the people of New Jersey,” said Cryan.  “He knows what he is saying doesn’t add up, but he’s saying it anyway.”

Speaking of leveling with the people of New Jersey,  I bet they would like to know what happened to Corzine’s promised property tax relief! I am sure they would also like Corzien to level up about the promised but never delivered ethics reform. Oh sure, he passed some feel-good legislation, but not one piece of so-called reform had any teeth in it.

Cryan’s good incarcerated friend Wayne Bryant will still be eligible for all but one of his many pensions, all on the taxpayer’s back.


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