More COAH Crap

Corzine’s administration has mandated 115,000 new, affordable housing units in ten years. Of course the cost of such an undertaking will lay solely on developers and the communities that will see massive increases in expenses that will not be offset by any increase in ratables. Just call this another unfunded mandate.

Senator Haines pointed out that even the state DEP admits the studies done that ascertained the available land for these proposed units was deeply “flawed”.

“We’ve heard over and over again how the Council on Affordable Housing relied on a fatally flawed study to come up with its estimates of how much affordable housing can be built,” Senator Haines said. “The DEP commissioner has confirmed again that COAH’s demands for affordable housing construction are based on sloppily collected and inaccurate data.

“If environmental law was ignored when the Council on Affordable Housing did its study, then it is far from certain that the state has enough available land to build 115, 000 new housing units in 10 years at a reasonable cost,” Senator Haines said.


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