A Democrat Speaks Out

From the APP.com Opinion page, even Democrats are disappointed in Corzine.

As a Democrat, words can’t express my disappointment with Gov. Jon Corzine’s lack of leadership.

I backed Corzine when he ran for the U.S. Senate and for governor. This time around, I can’t support him, for a number of reasons:

His inability to control state spending of our tax dollars.

A Council on Affordable Housing situation which he has allowed to spiral out of control.

His raiding of our state’s unemployment insurance fund, which was meant to assist our unemployed. He used the fund for his personal pet projects.

His unjust furloughs of dedicated state workers.

The last straw came when Corzine allowed the state commissioner of education and Carole Knopp Morris, the Monmouth County executive superintendent of schools, to proceed with a misguided plan to butcher our local school districts by merging them into larger ones.

As a former school board member and a citizen, I have served on three different panels that studied the merger of the Atlantic Highlands, Highlands and Henry Hudson Regional school districts. Each of the studies concluded no money would be saved because of the costly government mandates that would remain in effect.

Joseph Hawley


Are there any other disappointed Dems out there? We would love to hear from you!


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