NJ is LEAST business friendly, #1 in corruption

Thank you, Corzine. Once again NJ ranks at the bottom of business friendly states. Your taxes and regulations have driven most business out of the state, and prohibits new business.

Us again: The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council’s 2009 Business Tax Index is out and New Jersey is 50th among the states when it comes to being business friendly. The SBE’s Business Tax Index uses 16 different tax measures to rate each state.

To add insult to injury, Corzine wants to remove ALL oversight from corrupt cities such as Newark and Camden all the while dumping millions upon millions of tax dollars into their inept government.

Purportedly as a cost-saving measure, Gov. Jonn S. Corzine wants to stop auditing towns that get extra financial aid from the state. Huh? Letting governments so inefficient they constantly need bailing out from Trenton continue their wasteful ways unchallenged is absurd.

Money spent auditing municipalities with their hands out is pocket change compared to what can be saved if poor practices are identified and wasteful ways eliminated.

I couldn’t say it better myself. Camden, the city that boasts more ex-mayors in jail than any other city in the USA, is a black hole when it comes to our tax dollars. Corzine wanted to charge small townships for state police coverage to save $11 million at the same time the state police are required to maintain order in Camden, the recipient of hundreds of millions of taxpayer funded extra aid.  The entire city is run on patronage, with some so-called managers on the public dole for salaries and perks that reach a quarter of a million dollars a year all the while failing to fix the problems they were hired to fix.

As another cost saving measure, why don’t we just give the inmates the keys to the jail? Imagine how much money the state could save with that move!!!


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