Corzine creates a new middle class

Corzine is creating a new middle class that consists of government lackeys earning more than twice the median income. He is taxing the working middle class into oblivion in order to pay for this.

“Less than a week ago, the Local Finance Board doled out $80 million in special aid to Camden, Paterson and Bridgeton,” explained DiMaio, R-Hunterdon and Warren. “Today, Jersey City was the recipient of another Corzine hand-out. This is some interesting ‘lottery’ the governor has going. It’s funded by taxpayer money, of course, but only for urban municipalities who already receive unprecedented amounts of regular state aid. In the meantime, he has virtually left suburban towns to fend for themselves.”

Under Corzine’s proposed budget, most suburban towns will have their municipal aid cut by 2 percent.


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