Corzine Buying Votes?

A letter to the editor in the Press of AC:

Thanks but no thanks Regarding the April 9 story, “State provides $27M to widen lanes, ramps”: Thanks for nothing.

It must be election time again for Gov. Jon S. Corzine, since he made an appearance in Cumberland County – probably the first since the last time he was running. And I see that he appeared with another guy running for re-election, Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu.

If Corzine thinks spending $27 million of tax dollars in Cumberand County might garner him and Magazzu some votes, well, guess again. I find it absolutely amazing that the state is spending this enormous amount of money on a project that affects several thousand people who live in Millville neighborhoods east of the Route 49 and Route 55 interchange, yet no one has bothered to ask them if they want this.

If they did, they would find that these fine Millville residents are strongly opposed to this plan. What the state is doing is creating more traffic (from mostly Pennsylvania shoobies) that will dump out onto our main thoroghfare, preventing us from leaving our neighborhoods in the summertime. This problem was bad before, and this project would make it worse.

The traffic hazzards will be increased as well. This is an ill-concieved, poorly designed project that benefits mostly out-of-state residents at the expense of the taxpayers.

Please keep the money and save it to complete Route 55 so that the Millville residents and Port Elizabeth residents can live in peace during the summer, without the danger of Pennsylvanians rushing to get to their shore homes.




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