Corzine Administration OUTLAWS tax cuts! has this interesting piece of information:

In March, the Lake Como school board voted to approve a budget that cut last year’s spending by $16,000 in order to provide a small tax decrease to residents.

“What should have been a cause for celebration caused Trenton bureaucrats concern and bewilderment,” said Rible. “A ridiculous state law actually makes it illegal for school boards to lower property taxes.”

That’s right folks. A school board was actually practised responible government and was rebuked by Corzine’s ridiculous NJ laws.

After the board submitted their budget proposal for approval, it was quickly rejected by the Corzine administration because of a law that makes it illegal for school boards to decrease the amount that they tax their residents.

This is a blatant attack on the middle class. This is radical taxation without representation. When will New Jersey voters finally wake up and say enough is enough?


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