New Jersey is not overtaxed!

There is a great editorial on today. It references David Rousseau’s bizarre comment that we residents in New Jersey are not overtaxed, in spite of the massive evidence to the contrary.

New Jerseyans might be surprised to learn that their property taxes are under control and that they’re not, generally speaking, overtaxed.

What makes Rousseau’s blatant lie even worse was the fact that Corzine rushed to his side and agreed. How out of touch with the average citizen is Corzine? I suppose his multi-millions of dollars shelter him from the daily fear of choosing between putting food on the table or paying the mortgage.  Tax season is here, do we pay our taxes and avoid jail, or pay the automobile insurance  (also some of the highest rates in the nation) so that we can commute to work legally?

Corzine made it all worse by backing up Rousseau’s claim. The governor suggested the overtaxing question isn’t fair unless you also include an examination of education and infrastructure repairs and other services that taxpayers demand.

New Jerseyans’ high taxes aren’t the result of wanting good schools and roads. The excess is generated by unethical and corrupt government practices. Bloated bureaucratic payrolls, exorbitant union concessions, pay-to-play abuses — they all contribute to unnecessarily increasing the cost of government.

It is interesting how tenaciously Rousseau defends Corzine:

Faced with a barrage of Republican attacks on Gov. Corzine’s new budget – in which the governor, he said, made tough choices to close a $7 billion gap – Rousseau let the press know exactly what he thought of the criticism.

“We put $7 billion on the table. Let’s see them put $7 billion on the table and not come in in June at the last minute with – I’m going to say it” – and then he did, unleashing a profanity.

Of course he defends Corzine’s budget that takes into account the sins of previous administrations without ad mitting that as State Treasurer and high-ranking democrat he is the one that helped phony-up budgets and buffalo the public for the previous administrations. He was the one in charge of oversight during some of the most egregious fraud in recent Jersey history.

To his critics, however, Rousseau’s loyalty means he helped past administrations concoct some of the financial miscalculations Corzine says he is trying to undo. It also meant a prominent role in overseeing the murky grant program that led to the corruption conviction of former Sen. Wayne Bryant (D., Camden).

Can we afford another four years?


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