Corzine’s administration: New Jersey residents are NOT over taxed!

Yes folks, you heard this one right. We are not overtaxed according to Corzine’s treasurer.

When Assemblyman Joseph Malone (R-Burlington) asked Rousseau if he thinks New Jersey residents are “overtaxed,” the treasurer paused, said “no,” and then said that while New Jersey property taxes are among the highest in the country, the state has relatively low income taxes on the middle class and provides quality schools and other services.

John Cryan, one of the top crooks in New Jersey politics gave Rousseau a chance to back track withmore double-talk. The point is clear, NJ Democrat politicians all agree that we are not over-taxed, as is evident from Corzine’s latest budget that increases taxes even further.

Corzine obviously believes he can tax this state into prosperity.


One Response to “Corzine’s administration: New Jersey residents are NOT over taxed!”

  1. […] With Magazzu backing Corzine steadfastly, we have to imagine that he agrees with the Corzine administration when it claims that New jersey residents are NOT overtaxed. […]

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