Kean keeping arts a live issue

Former NJ Governor Tom Kean is not known for being openly critical about the governors that have succeeded him in office.  However, he is talking of suing Corzine for his budget that illegally cuts funding to the arts. All the while Corzine is increasing funding to others to get key votes.

Corzine is slashing a lot, except for pet projects he thinks will help his re-election chances because they play to special interests, like expanding pre-K to the tune of $77 million (the teachers union) and that ambitious goal of 115,000 “affordable housing” units that no one can put a price tag on (developers). He also hasn’t eliminated the expensive perks for his cabinet like state cars. They’re special, you know.

This is one article that you need to read all the way through. As always, Bob Ingle hits the nail square on the head.


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