Corzine’s incompetence is glaring

A article today revealed many of the “nooks and crannies” of government where insane waste was occurring. Of course Corzine is bragging that he is cleaning up this mess, but our question is where was he three years ago when he had a chance to begin cleaning house and failed miserably?

Money was being spent on empty parking spaces for employees who have left state government. Thousands of people were getting taxpayer-funded state health benefits even though they are not eligible to receive them. Gas cards were issued to employees who could be going to cheaper state-operated filling stations.

According to Corzine’s numbers, roughly $46 million in waste is being cut out of this year’s budget. Imagine if he had done this three years ago? That would be almost $150 million in savings. Imagine if any of the former Democrat governors had done this, such as our unelected governor Dick Codey, or the slimy McGreevey?

How much healthier would the state be if out leaders had kept their promises?


One Response to “Corzine’s incompetence is glaring”

  1. Waste or not, money spent equates with Democrat power. That’s why they don’t want to cut anything. It’s all about control and power.

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